Thursday, August 30, 2007

Welcome to Web 2.0

I just read an article on Fast about "Web 2.0 and Personal Branding." This article's focus on web 2.0 is not as much about 'web as platform', but instead a distributed, free-flowing tool for collaboration and sharing among users. The web has provided each one of us with the ability to familiarize "gazillions" of people with our brand, and our products. We have a user-friendly set of tools at our fingertips that can not only engage our customers 24 hours a day, but give them a much deeper view into our brand, process and products than traditional marketing ever could.

But interestingly, most of us appear to be neglecting these gizmos. The article points out that U.S. companies, on average, are spending 6.6% of their marketing budgets online. Even though I happen to be spending 100% of my marketing budget online, I am certainly neglecting this rich, interactive, user-friendly toolset. There is a world of opportunity for blogs, podcasts, videos - and a potential audience of over a billion people just a click away.

So, embracing this opportunity: Welcome to my blog.