Sunday, January 20, 2008

Focus. Focus. Focus.

I don't make resolutions -- as in the kind normally made to accompany the new year.

I do, however, think a fresh start to the new year is a good time to regain focus on goals and next steps. And while I didn't make lofty resolutions I probably wouldn't maintain, I did write down a roadmap for 2008 that contains some very achievable milestones. I've been procrastinating on some specific tasks that will allow me to become more successful. In an effort to keep those front of mind, I have written down the following on a white board (silver board??) by my bench:

  • Post new photos (and items) online
  • Have some components cast - so that I am not having to saw out every little piece for signet rings and cuff links. Casting would allow me to fill more orders & lower my prices. The assembly and finishing for each piece would still be done by hand.
  • Create better marketing collateral -- this includes getting better photography of my work. I think it may be time to bring in a professional.
  • Place a targeted ad -- a friend-of-a-friend generated more orders than they ever dreamed possible from a single well-placed magazine ad.
  • Approach galleries about carrying my work -- especially those that have already expressed interest.
I've already been able to tick the first one off the list. I had a significant number of pieces that I had never listed for sale online. This weekend I listed some additional items in my inventory online, and reorganized my etsy store-- resulting in an immediate sale!
(Okay, okay, I haven't added those items to yet -- all in good time.)

My last focus is completing any languishing projects. It seems the bigger the project, the more likely it is to be set aside on my bench -- only to end up in the vat of unfinished projects. Oh yes, there really is such a thing. That whiteboard also lists some projects that I simply MUST finish. So far, so good -- I am making a dent.