Saturday, May 17, 2008

Broken Hearts

I made this sculpture almost 15 years ago. It was a rough month.

The sculpture is crafted from japanese paper clay, and is studded with assorted nails, screws, springs and other odds and ends. I have painted the nail heads pink, white and gold; the heart is a ruby red. The heart shape has a crack carved into it. This piece still sits in my living room all these years later.

Today I ran across this stabbed heart pin by Apatico (the same etsy seller i mentioned in my last post). I was just struck by how similar the pieces look.

I love her version in black and silver as well. Check them out!

Affordable Art

Through the years I've picked up some unusual odds and ends while traveling or at art shows -- from feather-trimmed Inuit hand puppets to Georgia folk art. I love finding beautiful or unusual pieces that may not have been initially sold as traditional "fine art" but are beautiful and engaging nonetheless. Not only are these pieces interesting, but they tend to be much more affordable than fine art.

I've come across two finds lately that must be shared. The first is a local artist, Craig Bennett, who creates his work under the name of Guh Guh and Phangs. He had a booth last fall at a local art show I participated in, and I fell in love with the work. I had run across his work once or twice since, and the last time some of the little guys simply had to come home with me. They are large paintings on plywood painted with acrylics. While these seem to be intended for Halloween decorating, I find them a welcome addition to my walls all year round. This is Guh Guh -- isn't he adorable? Be sure to check out his friend Phang on their website, or at an art show around Atlanta. My only "complaint" -- if you can call it that -- is that the work is too affordable! Considering how much time it must take with the jigsaw alone to cut these guys out (not to mention the actual painting!), I would be happy to hand over more of my hard earned dollars to have more of these guys around.

My more recent find was on etsy, the "online marketplace for buying & selling all things handmade". The seller Apatico has a collection of gothic/industrial stainless steel crowns adorned with spikes, chains, bolts, fur, flowers, gems, etc. How could I resist? Actually, there were so many great choices, I had trouble choosing just one. Will I wear my spiked mini-crown? Rarely -- but won't it look great adorning my wall or cluttering a shelf?