Tuesday, June 3, 2008

I've missed "that person"

Anyone who has known me for a long while knows that I used to be an avid photographer. I never went anywhere without my trusty Minolta x-body camera in hand. I probably saw my friends more often through my viewfinder with my camera between us than without. I was "that person" -- the one never in the photos, but always taking them of everyone else.

Apparently, this trait is hereditary; my father was a similar shutter bug. As we were trying to pull together photos for his funeral service, it was almost comical how few photos he was in compared to the thousands of shots he had taken.

As film became less popular, and the world was going digital, I was just never quite ready to invest in a digital SLR. I stopped shooting film about seven years ago, and made do with an assortment of small digital cameras. On a sunny day in a pretty place, those small cameras could capture some decent images -- and I have been (occasionally) selling those shots over the past few years.

About a year ago, I took a trip to the southwest. I love, love, love the desert and hadn't been there in more than 10 years. The desert sun was more than the little cameras could take; my photos were overexposed, and the colors were just horrid. I knew I could capture stunning photos of the desert on film -- an earlier trip to Sedona had proven that -- but this trip was a photographic disaster.

Six months later: a return trip to New Mexico. More lousy photos. I resolved then to get myself a decent camera before I took another vacation.

Well, it's on its way. A mid-level digital SLR of my own. I look forward to being "that person" again.

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Larry said...

Now we just need to make that return visit to the South West to try out your new camera.