Sunday, January 4, 2009

Transparent Desktop

I recently ordered a Stendig calendar to hang by my desk. I had one in my college dorm room many, many years ago and had thought about getting another one ever since. I love so many things about these calendars: their scale (3ft x 4ft), their contemporary look, and their age (the calendar and I share the same year of birth).

Unfortunately the two widescreen monitors on my desk obscure much of the calendar. My wise friend Larry suggested that I make a desktop that looks like a transparent monitor so that I could "see" more of the calendar. About an hour later, this is what we have. I took photos for January and February, but the challenge with the calendar, of course, is that the desktop needs to be changed monthly. We'll see if I carry on in March . . .

Thursday, January 1, 2009

How I spent my summer vacation

Well, really how I spent most of my vacations. Ever in search of the perfect margarita, this quest has necessitated several trips to Santa Fe (and other spots in the southwest) to do days of "research". A couple years later, I believe I have finally learned to make the close-to-perfect margarita.

For Christmas, I told my brother-in-law I would share my secret recipe with him, and made him this video. Yes, he also got all the fixins to make his own. You, on the other hand, just get the video . . .

[Note: this video used to have the song "Tequila" playing in the background, but that was vetoed by Google video. You can just hum it now instead.]

Perhaps a later post will center around the choice of tequila . . .