Sunday, January 4, 2009

Transparent Desktop

I recently ordered a Stendig calendar to hang by my desk. I had one in my college dorm room many, many years ago and had thought about getting another one ever since. I love so many things about these calendars: their scale (3ft x 4ft), their contemporary look, and their age (the calendar and I share the same year of birth).

Unfortunately the two widescreen monitors on my desk obscure much of the calendar. My wise friend Larry suggested that I make a desktop that looks like a transparent monitor so that I could "see" more of the calendar. About an hour later, this is what we have. I took photos for January and February, but the challenge with the calendar, of course, is that the desktop needs to be changed monthly. We'll see if I carry on in March . . .

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robin shetler said...

That is so freaking amazing.