Saturday, June 27, 2009


I find I'm always more excited to get to work if I have a clean workspace waiting for me. Unfortunately, I'm much better at generating clutter than I am at consistent cleaning. Today was a day to put all the tools back where they belong and scrub all the surface down. I keep the table to the left of my bench covered in paper (old pages from my Stendig calendar work well). The is the area where I do all my polishing and use the flexshaft. When I have made a gigantic, dusty, grimy mess polishing, I simply replace the paper for easy clean up.

I cleaned off my soldering area as well. Somehow, everything manages to get covered in dried flux after a while. Periodically, I like to scrub down the kiln shelf and get rid of all the grime.
Now it's time to actually finish a piece of jewelry . . .